Popping out of the blogging closet - Finally!

For the longest time I have had difficulty with this word "artist". It immediately puts me in the defensive. I could hear my self say, "Oh no, I am not! That is for the big boys in the big pool. Meanwhile, when I am not pigeonholed behind a desk, you will find me in my artist closet, expressing myself through many mediums such as, but not limited to ballroom dancing, drumming, mosaic art, decoupage, acrylic painting, abstract collage art, quilting, fiber art, and more. I can't remember a time in my life when I was not handcrafting. Recently I developed an obsession with wire art and wire weaving. The current obsession begun with these little bags, (see pics attached)  I took a stringing and beading class to learn how to add the snap on the beads.. This one class open up my appetite to the wonders of beads and their origins. Being an obsessive person, I slept and drink every thing beads and eventually opened up a store named Charmed Beading Studio with a partner. We sold beads, taught classes and had social events in the community. It was rewarding to be able to check off one off the bucket list: Creative endeavor serving the community" check box.  However, my personal life as a traveller, crafter, and other interest took a back seat to the rigors of owning a brick and mortar store. I came quickly to the conclusion that at this stage of my life, mobility and creative expressions  was essential for my own personal development. So I sold my end of the business and  now focussing on developing my own line of jewelry and gifts online. Tendrilsandlace.com

This blog is about the journey and the angst of a self-taught wire art handcrafting artist.

Come along take a peek and let me know what you think.

These little bags...

These little bags...

I attempted a number of times, to start a blog on my creative process, but got bullied by the little censuring voice in my head saying that there is nothing new to contribute, The net is saturated with bloggers, artists and the likes. I also worried if I would have enough content to blog constantly on a long term basis, or bore people, or worst be so successful at it that it would take over my life (haha! that would be the day).

A friend of mine Salima Raoui of Art Being and Becoming (A holistic approach using various tools of hypno-resonance and visual collage journalling to clear emotional blockages and releasing them with reviewed energy and awareness) was instrumental in unlocking the door of my artist closet and encouraged me with these words "Our challenges, failures, and triumphs are all testimonies of our Presence in this lifetime. Not sharing them shortchanges us and others who could benefit from the richness of experiences we could contribute to our community and eventually the world."

 Sooo, with that said, follow along as I add my two-cents-dropper full, trails of crumbs in the forest-full experiences of life.


Thank you for reading.